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Foody is themascot of theMilanExpo2015. Foody
expresses theevent's founding themes: community,
diversity and foodas a sourceof lifeandenergy.
Foody is actually composedof a familyof fruit or vegetable
figures assembled intoone face, eachwith its ownname
andpersonality:Guagliò (garlic), Arabella (anorange),
Josephine (abanana),Gury (awatermelon), Pomina (an
apple),MaxMais (ablue sweetcorn),Manghy (mango),
Rodolfo (fig), Piera (pear), RapBrothers (radishes) and
Chicca (pomegranate). Assembled intoone face, these
characters represent an idealised synergybetweendifferent
countriesworldwidewho togethermust face the challenge
of feedingour planetwithpositivedynamism.
ThefirstUniversal Expositionwas held in London in
1851. The“Great Exhibitionof theWorks of Industry
of all Nations”, promotedby theRoyal SocietyofArts,
tookplace inHydeParkand lastedalmost sixmonths. It
featured28different countries andover 6million visitors.
For theoccasion,whichwas dedicated tonew industrial
technology, London's famedCrystal Palacewas built, a
constructionof over 84,000 squaremetres.
This firstWorldExhibitionwas so successful that other
nations began toorganise similar events, notably Paris,
which in1889organisedanExpositionUniverselle to
celebrate the centenaryof the FrenchRevolution.Oneof
this event's legacies has come tobe considered the symbol
of Paris and indeedof France: theEiffel Tower.
The1906editionwas focusedon the themeof transport
andwas held inMilan, celebrating the recent openingof
made it the longest in theworld, andwhichmadepossible
thefirst direct rail connectionbetweenMilanandParis.
TheMilanExpositionalso left a lasting landmark: the
MilanAquarium, nowoneof theoldest inEurope.
Given the increasing importanceof thesekinds of
events, 31nations signed theParisConvention in1928,
establishing the ruleswhich in futurewouldhave tobe
observedbyorganising countries, and founding theBIE–
theBureau International des Expositions.Over the years
manyother cities haveorganised important editions:
Brussels, for example, organised thefirst post-WorldWar
TwoExposition in1958, and themost successful edition
of the20
centurywas theMontreal event in1967. And
so, over 160 years, Universal Expositions haveestablished
themselves as global opportunities for confronting shared
themes andproblems crucial tohumanprogress, ina
scientific andeducationalmanner.
160 years of history
in its role as Official Global Partner
of Expo2015, will present
its vision of sustainable farming
today and in the future.
weighing on humanity's
future, and New Holland
Agriculture will try to
contribute to answering
it through an Expo
pavilion of 1,638 square
metres, designed and
built in compliance with
sustainable criteria.
Once the Expo has
concluded, the building
will be dismantled
and reconstructed on
another site, to be
used as a permanent
structure for other
“Expo's theme offers us
practices, as promoted
in our Clean Energy
farmers around the
world can produce both
quality food ingredients
and clean and efficient
energy, thus helping to
meet the energy needs
of their farms and their
local communities.
"This prestigious event
will also helpus to reach
millions of visitors from
all over theworld and to
communicate and explain in
a concretemanner why our
philosophy represents the
begin their visit by climbing
the broad staircase beside
the sloping plane, up to
the terrace. A long ramp
will then lead down inside
the building, reaching the
ground floor, where various
be visible.
And this is only the
beginning: visitorswill
alsohave a hands-on
experience of the
elevated technological
innovation present in
these products.
a unique opportunity
to share our vision of
sustainable agriculture,”
states Carlo Lambro,
Brand President of New
Holland Agriculture.
“We believe, and we
have demonstrated,
that by implementing
sustainable farming
future of agriculture.”
The construction of the
pavilion began somemonths
ago; on the new dedicated
websitewww.expo2015. you can
see videos of the various
phases of the building's
construction. Visitors
arriving at the pavilionwill
1,2,3,4 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,...20
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