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Theworld’smost powerful combine, the 653hpCR10.90, has recaptured the record for
harvestingwheat at a rate of nearly 100 tons per hour: 797.656 tonnes in 8 hours. This truly
impressive achievement (120 tonsmore than the previous record) was achievedusing amere
1.12 litres of fuel per tonne of grainharvested. TheCR10.90 is equippedwithNewHolland’s
unique TwinRotor
technology featuring Twin PitchHigh Performance rotors combinedwith
theDynamic Feed Roll™ system (DFR), which proved indispensable in breaking the record
especially as theweather conditions deteriorated in the late afternoon.
The extra-long10metre unloading auger and super-fast 142 litres/minute unloading speed
made quickwork of the constantly fillinggrain tank. TheCR10.90was also equippedwith
IntelliSteer™ fully integrated auto guidance, which ensures accuracy of 1-2 cmoptimising the
effectiveness of the 13.7metre 840CD draper-header during every pass, thewhole day long.
A Harvesting Record
that weighs 800 tons
threshingand separationwith
TwinRotor™ technology
over 40 years ago, andhas
worked continuously to
improveand refine it ever
since. The twinpitch rotors
feature44elements, and can
raiseproductivitybyup to10
per cent indamp conditions.
Switching from corn tograin
configurations is simple, fast
There is a special Opti-Fan
system to compensate for
or downhill.Oncea fan speed
is set, itwill automatically
adjust according to the terrain
conditions tominimize losses
andoptimizegrain condition.
TheSmartTrax™ rubber
suspension system, standard
on theflagshipCR10.90
andavailableon theother
models as anoption, ensure
excellent tractionand low soil
silky smooth ride.
TheCR combines offer
morehorsepower than
ever: from449hpon the
CR7.90 to themassive652hp
of theflagshipCR10.90.
Fivemodels featureNew
Holland’s Tier 4AECOBlue™
SCR technology,while the
flagshipCR10.90 is equipped
with theDiesel Engineof the
Year 2014Cursor 16with
ECOBlueHi-eSCR technology,
already compliantwithTier
4B regulations. Theengine
technology for precise fuelling
andoutstandingly responsive
performance, resulting in
inall field conditions.
But theCR range is not
heavyhandedwhen it comes
to fuel consumption. The
highly efficient ECOBlue
technologydelivers impressive
fuel savings.
This reduces running costs
andof courseextends the
range, also thanks to the
large fuel tanks: 1,300 litres in
theCR9.90and theCR10.90.
Speakingof capacity, the
grain tank ranges from
11,500 litres in theCR7.90 to
14,500 litres in theCR9.90
andCR10.90. There is an
extra-long folding10-metre
comes in either HIDor LED.
All in all, the newCR
range offers up to 15 per
centmore productivity,
an unparalleled level of
comfort, and extreme all
unloadingauger tomatch the
largest headers and tallest
This, togetherwith the
ultrafast unloading speedof
142 litres/second, ensures
throughout theday’s –or
night’s –work.
For low visibility or night
conditions, the lighting
packagehas beenprecision
engineered formaximum
visibility of the entireheader
and thefield ahead and
behind,with longdistance
lights offeringup to500
metres’ visibility. There are
also specific auger lights
to assist theoperator in
unloading. And thepackage
It offers thebest ofNewHolland’s
harvesting technologies.
You couldn’t ask formore.
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