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The new TD5 range - with Tier 4A compliance.
Takingpleasure inwork
rom theengine to
the consoleand
ergonomics, from the
dashboard to the fuel tank,
everything in thenewTD5
rangehas beenupdated to
level of comfort, efficiency
andproductivity. It has the
addedbonus of anextremely
flexible set-up, both in its
original specifications and for
dailyuseon the farm.
The top fourmodels of the
engines that featurean
increase inhorsepower (up
to114hp) compared to the
previousmodels, andTier 4A
compliance to reduce the
carbon footprint of your farm
and ensure lower long term
operating costs, aswell as
and an11per cent reduction
in fuel consumption than the
Tier 3predecessors. Together
with an increase in fuel tank
capacity to121 litres, this
will not only reduce costs
but significantly increase the
range andworkinghours of
your TD5.
The TD5's outstandingpower
toweight ratioof amere
33.6 kg/hpwill alsohelp
slash your fuel bills aswell as
increasing traction.
In theVisionView
5.5 squaremetres of all
roundglazingprovides the
perfect view, unobstructed
by the new exhaust position.
The skylight on the roof
of the cabin ensures safe
operationof the loader
even at full extension. The
deluxe air suspension seat
provides all day comfort.
Adjust the steering column
with the touchof a pedal.
Enjoy the comfort of air
conditioning throughnine
vents. And in extreme cold,
take advantage of the hot
defrostingair streamdirected
at the frontwindscreen to
beginoperations quickly.
Use the full complement of
integrated lights towork in
the dark. And for further
comfort and cleanliness, take
advantage of the perfectly
flat floor of the cab. Use
the two ample storage
compartments to stow your
personal items onboard.
(As an alternative, all models
are available inROPS format
with a FOPS compliant
All the principal tractor
commands are ergonomically
grouped together in the right
hand console for perfect
ease of operation; the PTO
controls are clustered to the
left. Everything is in its place,
easy to access and control.
The TD5’s trusted
transmission is ideal for
a rangeof farming tasks,
including synchro shuttle
or powershuttle options
with12 forward and12
reversegears. The TD5.95
is availablewith either two
or four-wheel drive, normal
orwide tyres – the TD5 is
the only tractor in its class
compatiblewithR38 tyres.
The 12by 12 shuttle
commandwas developed for
farms that requireprecision
forward and reverse
matching. The20by 12
Creeper variant offers speeds
as low as 0.32 km/h, whilst
maintaining a top transport
speedof 40 km/h.
Maximum service
intervals of 600hours
and clever solutions for
dailymaintenance reduce
downtime andboost
productivity. You can check
the engine andhydraulic oil
without opening the bonnet,
refill thewasher bottle
through the rearwindow,
replace or clean the cab air
filter through an easy access
roof panel. Everythingon the
TD5 is designed for utmost
simplicity of use.
Even thehydraulics are fully
versatile.With anoptional
flowof 63 litres/minuteon
themore powerful models,
even themost demanding
jobs canbe tackled easily.
The TD5 canbe specified
with twomid-mount remote
valves controlled via an
joystick. You can also specify
up to three rear-mounted
The award-winning Lift-O-
Plus allows you to
lift and return an implement
to a pre-set working depth
with fine adjustment.
The category two rear
linkage has amaximum
lift capacity of amassive
3,565kg.When specified
with the new twin assist
ram option, the three top
models in the range, if
mounted on R38wheels,
can lift aHerculean
4,700kg. For evenmore
productive farming, the
optional quick attach rear
links offer fast hitching from
the comfort of the cab.
ThenewTD5 rangehas powerful on-road features that
willmake lifeeasier for farmers. The40kph top speed can
bemaintainedevenwith fully loaded trailers, thanks to
the15per cent increase inoverall brakingperformance.
Automatic four-wheel driveengagement is alsooffered
toassist braking. This feature is especiallybeneficialwhen
drivingdownhill onmountainous roads, boosting safety
andoverall driving comfort. The360-degree cabin visibility
is another pluswhenon the road, andmakes theTD5
a truly capable transport solution.
on the road
as it ison thefield
Unprecedented comfort,
productivity, flexibility and
power in thenew four-model
entry level serieswithahost
of packages and features.
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